Why we are the best

Franchisor provides end-to-end solutions that help you manage your franchisees better. Owing to our feature-rich software, handling and executing processes will be a breeze.

Client Relationship & Leads

Franchisor provides you the tools to ensure uniform customer service across your franchisees. Uniform experience = satisfied customer.

Resource Planning

Intuitive management of Inventory, Resources and Billing, everything from one platform. With this tool you can avoid last minute scrambles and expenditures as well as plan inventory in advance. Well planned means half the battle won.

Opportunity Identification

As a discovery platform, we enable your business to be visible to potential franchisees, customers as well as other businesses. Our platform helps potential investors get in touch with you. Not only can we help you reach your target audience, generate leads and retain customers but also to attract investment for future growth.


We enable you to ensure uniform systems of resource management across as your franchisees. Your franchisees in turn, can manage day to day running efficiently and ensure that your brand means “consistent good experience”.

Full control (Multi Store management)

With Franchisor you get a 360* view of the day to day running of your franchisees. We enable you to analyze trends across demand, sales, inventory, HR, customer management. Supervise and facilitate multi store activities in a seamless manner.

Inventory management

Cloud-based inventory management reduces the clutter of keeping inventory record of each individual facility. Manage & monitor inventory on the go, easily accessible from your phone or a computer.

Marketing Automation

Franchisor helps you track leads generated via your digital marketing campaigns. You can then pass these leads to your franchisees and they can convert them to sales. Thus you can effectively analyse lead generation, lead conversion, and franchisee efficiency; thus effectively monetize your digital campaign.

Manage Royalties

Franchisor provides you with a very flexible royalty setting. You can configure the royalty rates by location, by product or even by service. The best part - No customizations needed.

Financial management

You can track your financial performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. With the Franchisor’s royalty feature, you can automatically calculate the value of all your products and services delivered, easily .

Monitor Field Audits

Franchisor helps you to schedule, perform and monitor your franchisee audits. You can regularly document your franchisees and see which is store is performing better on each parameter.


Cloud based

Fully cloud-based solution to manage your business needs. Effectively manage the day to day operations of your franchise in real time.

Access from anywhere

A cloud-based solution that gives full access to your business, on the go, from anywhere and anytime.


A single point stop for scheduling meetings, setting tasks or managing daily tasks – Franchisor’s scheduling feature – your one stop simplified schedule manager!

Real Time Reports

No need to wait for reports from franchisees to review their performance. With real time reports-collect, collate, process and review franchisee performance in one click.

Deep Insight

Get profound insights of your franchisees, stores, revenues, expenditures, inventory deficits, sales for better analysis and approach to business


Simplify the way your franchisees place orders to suppliers. Give your buyers access to an easy order placing website.

Easy discovery

Growth is a by product of visibility. Get discovered by your target audience on discovery platforms. Reach, seek & deploy better options for tie-ups. Position your brand as a powerhouse in the deep sea of the consumer market.


Client management becomes tough when it comes to a franchise model. Centralized CRM enables better client retention and better connect.


Have your own branding across dashboard, billing, invoices, emails etc. Franchisor or franchisee both will see same branding elements across the system.


Communicate with your entire organization with 24/7 online and web training. Track the progress of your employees with Franchisors milestone report.

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